The Challenge of University Teaching

October 14, 2019 | 2:30pm to 4:00pm

Presented by: Hendrik den Ouden, Centre for Advanced Teaching and Learning at the University of Cologne (UoC)

Teaching at a university can be inspiring, dynamic, exciting and sometimes chaotic. In this workshop, participants reflect on teaching  roles associated with various learning contexts, as well as student expectations and perspectives, then address the questions: What is the best way to learn? What are the best ways of teaching to enhance student learning?


The University Institute for Teaching and Learning is pleased to be hosting Hendrik den Ouden, deputy head of the Centre for Advanced Teaching and Learning at the University of Cologne (UoC) for a visit this month. Den Ouden, who is also a tenured senior lecturer, will present two workshops in mid-October during his time at Ohio State.

The Centre for Advanced Teaching and Learning is a key research institution of the UoC, offering professional learning to lecturers across the university. The goal of the centre is to assure, develop and improve the quality of teaching and learning. In the field of academic development, den Ouden advises the faculty on strategic decisions concerning the improvement of teaching in their degree programs. The most common topics he addresses include: an increasing focus on student involvement in teaching, the link between research and teaching, the introduction of digital learning tools across the degree programs and the implementation of competence-oriented examinations. Den Ouden holds a Ph.D. in University Curriculum Development from UoC.

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