Course Design: Distance Education Program Pathway

Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE)

This is a pathway option to complete the Course Design in Higher Education endorsement.

With one-on-one support from an ODEE instructional designer, faculty who are planning courses in Ohio State’s fully online programs go through a semester-long course-design process that culminates in a written course plan, online course website and materials, and an evaluation of the course based on key characteristics of online teaching.

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the process of backward design to create or revise a course.
  • Evaluate the design of an online course based on key components of effective online instruction
  • Identify strategies and source of course assessment information for making ongoing updates and revisions to improve the course.
Participation Requirements

To be considered for an endorsement, a faculty participant would need to:

  • Have a course scheduled, through an MOU with ODEE, to have course design support during an upcoming semester
  • Engage in an orientation/intake conversation with the ODEE Distance Education team
  • Participate in an intitial in-depth brainstorm meeting with an instructional designer and educational technologist
  • Meet weekly, on average (at least 10 times), during the semester
  • Have a hand-off meeting at the end of the course-design process with a collaborative preliminary evaluation of the course based on ODEE's course-quality rubric
  • Teach the online course at least once
  • Meet for a 1-hour reflection and assessment meeting with an ODEE staff member
Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1 academic term, plus the weeks immediately before and after