Course Design: Kickstart Week Pathway

Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE)

This is a pathway option to complete the Course Design in Higher Education endorsement.

The Online Course Development Kickstart Week is an immersive program where faculty and staff from all around the university come together to learn about designing and creating an online course. Participants come to Kickstart Week with a course in mind that they want to offer online. With consistent attention to opportunities for leveraging the online environment, participants work throughout the week to develop measurable learning outcomes along with assessments and activities aligned to those outcomes to foster student engagement with fellow students, the instructor, and course content. Strategies for incorporating best practices in online learning, multimedia creation, copyright, and universal design for learning will be applied during the planning and development of courses.

Learning Outcomes

During this week, participants will:

  1. Discuss the process of designing a course from the broad course goal down to the weekly activities.
  2. Practice writing measurable course learning outcomes and assessments aligned to those outcomes.
  3. Discover how to apply UDL in your online course to foster student engagement along with methods and resources to ensure your course meets web accessibility standards.
  4. Learn the implications of copyright laws for online content along with the nature of Creative Commons and open content.
  5. Learn about best practices when recording media content and creating graphics for course materials. Identify resources to aid in the creation of content.
  6. Explore alternative authentic assessments and how rubrics can be made to ease the grading process.
  7. Discover various methods of content delivery that promote student engagement with the content, instructor, and each other.
  8. Take a tour of the Denney Digital Union 1-Touch Studio and learn about the various DU resource available to faculty, staff, and students.
  9. Explore ways Mediasite, CarmenConnect, Buckeye Box, and U.OSU can each be used to enhance engagement in an online course how to set them up on a computer.
  10. Examine the components that make for a quality online course.
  11. Discuss how applying the QM rubric can assist you in building a high-quality course.
  12. Learn about security and privacy issues specific to online courses and methods to ensure the safety of students and instructors online.
  13. Discover how academic integrity can be promoted in an online classroom through various tools and types of assignments.
Participation Requirements

In order to qualify for this endorsement pathway, attendees must attend all four days of Kickstart within one year.  (That is, they do not need to attend all four days during a single offering of Kickstart.)

In addition, applicants for the endorsement pathway must submit an online course they have developed or are developingnormally by granting viewing access to it in Carmenalong with a 1-2 page summary of ways it demonstrates principles they encountered during Kickstart Week. This is in addition to the required written reflection in the UITL endorsement application process. These communications and documentation should be sent to

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1 calendar year