Teaching@Ohio State

This self-directed online experience will serve as an introduction to key topics about teaching at The Ohio State University. Participants will be presented with opportunities to become familiar with multiple perspectives on teaching, be exposed to evidence-based teaching practices, reflect on their own teaching practice and connect with resources that support their teaching.

Provost Welcome

To Access the Course

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Login using your name.# and password at carmen.osu.edu, then select "Teaching@OhioState" on the front page.

Getting to the Course

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Course Modules

Teaching@OhioState has five modules that are organized based on learning outcomes.


Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduces Teaching@OhioState and the faculty associated with UITL
  • Outlines goals and expectations for participation 
  • Provides guidance on how to navigate the course


Module 2: Designing Our Course

  • Addresses considerations that precede what we do in the classroom
  • Presents evidence-based principles of how people learn and an overview of the process and benefits of designing courses based on learning goals and outcomes


Module 3: Making Course Decisions

  • Presents the key decisions we make for every course
  • Covers effective assessment of student learning, strategies for choosing and organizing course content and selection of effective teaching strategies


Module 4: Reaching Our Students

  • Focuses on how we shape a positive environment for learning in our classrooms
  • Covers the aspects of a class that create that environment and introduces strategies and considerations for inclusive teaching


Module 5: Reflecting on Our Teaching

  • Presents specific tools and resources for getting feedback on our teaching
  • Discusses teaching as a career-long journey worthy of space for reflection and continual improvement