UITL Spotlight

Angela Brintlinger

Faculty Mentor
Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, Columbus Campus

Over the course of her 25 years as an instructor at The Ohio State University, Dr. Angela Brintlinger has taught everything from general education courses on Russian literature, food, and culture to specialized graduate seminars. Her expertise in genre studies includes biography, the short story, and historical fiction, as well as literary theory. She has published widely in the U.S. and Europe, and in English and Russian. Her work includes two monographs, two translations, four edited collections, and dozens of articles.

With international teaching experience in Russia and Poland and a keen interest in study abroad, Dr. Brintlinger values the mentoring relationships she has forged with students and colleagues over the years. She continually updates her course materials, syllabi, and teaching methods to adapt to changing student interests and needs and to take advantage of technology. Her focus on communication skills, in writing assignments, in-class discussions, and student presentations for example, facilitates positive student outcomes. She is honored to be chosen as a mentor in the University Institute of Teaching and Learning and expects that her long-time service to the College of Arts and Sciences will benefit her teaching mentees.