Katherine Silver Kelly

Katherine Silver Kelly

Faculty Mentor
Clinical Professor, Moritz College of Law
Columbus Campus

Bio: Professor Katherine Silver Kelly is a clinical professor at The Moritz College of Law where she teaches legal writing and is the director of the Academic Support Program. In 2016 Katherine was honored with the College’s Morgan E. Shipman award for excellence in teaching, in 2017 she received the University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching, and is a member of the Academy of Teaching Executive Council. Katherine presents regularly on topics such as critical thinking, early intervention programs, and high-stakes testing. In addition, Katherine works with the Ohio Supreme Court New Lawyers Program and is a volunteer soccer, track and basketball coach for Special Olympics.

Teaching philosophy: Effort focused (process, not product), provide clues to solve on their own, encourage them to persist.

On being a mentor: Being a mentor is an opportunity to improve teaching and learning. Better teaching benefits everyone- students, faculty, the university, and the community.

Rewarding moment: In general, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is when you hear from former students and how well they are doing. It doesn't even have to be a "thank you," or "you taught me X...". You know you made a difference because there is a connection and that student wants you to know how they're doing. What we do makes an impact and it might not be immediate but it's there.

Best teaching advice received or given: Mistakes happen. Recognize it, own it (no excuses), and learn from it.

Advice for new faculty: A successful class is one where you learn as much from your students as they do from you.