Laura Wagner

Faculty Mentor
Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology, Columbus Campus

Laura Wagner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. Her research specialty is children’s language development, especially children’s understanding meaning. She is the Director of the Language Sciences Research Lab, which is a working lab space embedded inside the COSI museum. The lab also serves as a center for language related outreach and education with OSU students and especially with the general public.

Dr. Wagner developed multiple classes that emphasize the importance of making scientific information accessible. Psychology 1200, “Applied Psychology” helps students see connections between theoretical concepts in Psychology and everyday applications, such as placebos, playgrounds, and push/pull handles on doors. She also regularly teaches a course in informal science outreach (cross-listed in Psychology, Linguistics, and Teaching & Learning) which trains OSU students to work with the public at the COSI museum and gives students hands-on experience putting outreach skills into practice. This course also serves as a core component of the NSF funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site which the Language Sciences Research Lab runs each summer. Dr. Wagner uses feedback from students to improve course content and delivery. She likes to foster an interactive classroom where students engage with material in an active way and are free to discuss material from multiple perspectives.