Sue Sutherland

Faculty Mentor
Associate Professor, College of Education and Human Ecology
Department of Human Sciences, Columbus Campus

An alumna of The Ohio State University, Sue Sutherland received her PhD from the College of Education in 2000, and has been on faculty since 2005. Dr. Sutherland teaches undergraduate courses in adventure-based learning, social justice in physical education/physical activity, and sport and disability among others, and graduate courses in social justice, and college teaching.

Dr. Sutherland is a teacher educator who focuses her research on student-centered pedagogy and social justice. Teaching is her passion and she loves the energy that students bring to the classroom. She wrote, "I place the utmost importance in creating an environment where students value the experience, feel respected and emotionally safe, are open to sharing their experiences and opinions, and engage in the learning process." Dr. Sutherland is the recipient of the College of Education and Human Ecology Distinguished Teaching Award and Ohio State’s Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching.