UITL Teaching Support Program

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The Time and Change Strategic Plan recognizes excellence in teaching as an essential factor in student success. To infuse evidence-based approaches and strategies in Ohio State classrooms and educational contexts, UITL and its partners have developed a three-part professional learning opportunity for faculty: the UITL Teaching Support Program.

The UITL Teaching Support Program components are designed to complement one another and move from reflection to implementation phases. They include:

  • A Teaching Practices Inventory (TPI), which allows faculty members to reflect on effective practices they currently use. A validated instrument developed by a Stanford University 2001 Nobel Prize winner and his colleagues at the University of British Columbia, the TPI will provide a baseline for faculty members as their teaching practices evolve.
  • Teaching@Ohio State, a series of online Carmen modules focused on key elements of effective teaching, and an accompanying recommended UITL Reading List.  Completing Teaching@Ohio State and engaging with the reading list on teaching practices will equip each faculty member with tools to explore new approaches in the classroom.
  • Instructional redesign that challenges full-time faculty members to rethink the structure and delivery of their courses. This component will begin as a five-year pilot program to assess evidence-based practices and the impact on the learning environment. 

This is the central hub for accessing UITL Teaching Support Program components, updates and reports on project implementation progress and faculty experiences, as well as FAQs.