To promote initiatives in teaching and learning, the University—as a highly-decentralized institution—will need to adopt coherent, effective policies that recognize and reward teaching and learning efforts of faculty members. The University Institute for Teaching and Learning will foster and lead institution-wide discussion on the role of these efforts in faculty review and reward processes. The Institute and its members will advocate for such policies and provide leadership in developing models that academic units may adapt to their local needs. Such policy changes are needed to create a broad-based and sustainable cultural of teaching and learning.

The following resources provide information regarding current policies on to teaching and learning, promotion, tenure, reappointment, and other related topics for faculty and graduate student associates:

For Faculty 

OAA Handbook

Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion, and Tenure

Academic Organization, Curriculum, and Assessment Handbook

OAA Policies, Guidelines, and Forms

For Graduate Students 

Graduate School Handbook

n.b. Section 9 on Graduate Associates

Graduate School Graduate Associateships