Teaching Endorsements

Teaching endorsement certificate

An endorsement is a credential provided by UITL to reward and identify faculty who pursue excellence in teaching by participating in professional learning programs at The Ohio State University. UITL awards endorsements three times each academic year.

Getting Started

To successfully complete an endorsement:

  1. Complete the Endorsement Interest form at any time during the year.
  2. Review the endorsement requirements (see Participation Requirements and Program Elements for the endorsement you are interested in completing).
  3. Track your participation at events contributing toward the endorsement, including date, event title, facilitator name and hours.
  4. Once all requirements are completed, submit the Apply for Endorsement form. You will be prompted to provide tracking data, complete a short self-reflection and upload any additional endorsement artifacts, if required (see item 2). For guidance on how to write the self-reflection, see the rubric.


Application Timeline

Summer 2020:

  • Aug. 14: Endorsement Applications Submission Deadline
  • Sept. 14: Digital Award Letters and Certificates Sent

Autumn 2020:

  • Dec 31: Endorsement Applications Submission Deadline
  • Feb 1: Digital Award Letters and Certificates Sent


Proposal of a New Endorsement

Departments and colleges interested in submitting existing or prospective programs to be considered as a UITL endorsement should contact us to express intent and prepare for submission of a formal Endorsement Proposal.